What’s in a name?

What does it mean?

Many people ask us why Sentient Marketing Solutions?  In a nutshell we believe it is the best description of what our goal is for your marketing strategy.

By definition:

“Sentient” means to be aware.  We believe successful marketing is not just executing a program and getting the desired results, it is equally important that all of the parties involved are aware of why it is happening, the importance of their role in the program and how success will be measured.  This allows people to participate and contribute with a holistic understanding of what is happening.

“Marketing” is an aggregate of functions involved in moving goods and services from producer to consumer.  This means marketing is not just one thing but a lot of things.  We believe that good marketing needs to involve sales, client services, public relations, as well as the creative and writing staff.

“Solutions” an action or process of solving a problem.  This is the foundation of our name as it really is why we decided to get in the business in the first place.  Creating solutions large and small for companies makes for more productivity and more profit.  In the end, our goal is to make your life and the lives of your employees less obstructed in there day to day functions.

We don’t take our name or or craft lightly and understand that good marketing and good business involves all of these elements.

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