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At Sentient Marketing Solutions we offer a solution for all types of clients and all levels of the business.  The partnerships we build between the marketing and sales departments help them create a sustainable revenue solution.  We do not look at projects as too small or too large, we recognize that every piece of the solution is necessary and important.   So if you are a department of one or a department of hundreds we have a solution.

Our Services:


Sentient Consulting, Inc., is more than a firm that offers a strategy.  It creates executable and realistic solutions that meet the projects expectations.  We believe a thoughtful, concerted step by step approach is the key to success.  Out strength is the investment of ourselves in partnership to move “the ball” from point A to point B.

Marketing and Communications

Bringing a common sense perspective to marketing and communication that demystifies the various components that is now considered marketing and communications.  Our experience with direct marketing, digital communications and print media is used to your advantage to grow your business.

  • Direct Mail
  • Email
  • Social Media
  • Analytics and Success Measurement

List Analysis and Business Intelligence

Our Modeling and Analytical tools provide you with business intelligence that is easy to understand and apply, without a degree in statistics.  From Customer Profiling to Predictive Modeling, with Geo-targeting and customer mapping included, Sentient Marketing Solutions delivers these results:

  • Improved targeting,
  • Increased conversions, and
  • Reduced direct marketing costs.

Predictive Modeling is used to predict behaviors simulated by a marketing contact using information available in your marketing database. the more you know about your customers the better you can target your future ones. Let our experience and leading edge technology, provide you with the best tools and most accurate data in the industry. Creating a competitive advantage in your industry.

Event Marketing:

Event marketing refers to marketing your company, products, or services by attending or sponsoring events such as trade shows, conferences, consumer shows, etc. In many industries and product categories, event marketing remains one of the best ways to get the attention of your customers or reconnect and reinforce business relationships through face-to-face contact.

Due to the logistical challenges, effective event marketing is a specialty unto itself and is often intimidating even to the most road-hardened veteran marketers. Even those marketers who enjoy the rush of event marketing simply don’t have the mental bandwidth or time to truly seize upon and squeeze the most out of even a single event, let alone a year’s calendar filled with multiple events in multiple cities or countries.

At Sentient Marketing Solutions, we’re here to help. Through 20 plus years of event planning, management and execution, you never need to worry about bogging down your mind (or your staff’s minds) with the hundreds of details required for successfully navigating the opportunities and pitfalls associated with making a world-class appearance at any event your firm would like to attend.

By outsourcing the design and logistical busywork of event marketing to the specialists, you’ll not only have the confidence of knowing that we’ve got you covered, but you’ll also be able to free up your own time and attention to concentrate on all the other components of your marketing strategy.

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